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What Others Say

Kim P.

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Brendan over the past few months! His thoughtful approach to teaching encourages the discovery of one's true voice; is rooted in sound pedagogical practice, and is designed to support singers of all ages and musical backgrounds. Brendan's extensive knowledge and functional understanding of the vocal mechanism, as well as voice acoustics provide each singer with the tools necessary to successfully perform a variety of genres of music with an authentic sound. From classical to musical theatre, as well as contemporary commercial music, Brendan cultivates a supportive environment where singers feel comfortable taking risks - while in the process learning what truly works for them! As a choral music educator with a background in classical music, Brendan makes it easy to transition to singing in contemporary music styles while using proper vocal technique AND making it so much fun in the process!! 

-Kim P., high school chorus teacher

Jacob S.

"Brendan’s attention to detail and easy-going methods have given me the strength and confidence to explore all aspects of my voice with ease."

-Jakob S., bass-baritone, voice teacher, voiceover artist

Matt S.

"Brendan was my first ever private voice teacher. I was accepted into the music program at Plymouth State University, and up to that point, had never taken a formal voice lesson. I wasn’t aware how much one could learn, and what went into, an hour long lesson. Through Brendan’s teaching, I discovered more about my voice than I ever imagined possible, and was able to hone in on my musicianship skills and acting abilities. Brendan is great at playing towards a student’s strengths while also providing a new and exciting learning curve. He insists on creating short and long term goals, and aides you in your repertoire research and song analysis; in this way, every lesson is a collaborative experience. I credit a large portion of my music education and performance skills to him, and continue to pass on his tips and tricks on to my private voice students."

~Matt S., tenor, voice teacher

Doug H.

"My relationship with Brendan Buckley started a number of years ago when he was hired as a staff member for the Lynnfield Youth Music School, an after school lesson program at Lynnfield High School. I would listen to him practicing as he was waiting for students to arrive for their lessons and was very impressed with his voice, but was even more impressed with the way he taught his students. Upon starting lessons, I would see noticeable improvement in their sound and technique and this improvement was consistent on a week to week basis. I was saddened when he had to leave the program because he was so in demand in other projects and aspects of life, but was happy when he told me he was opening up a private studio. I sent my daughter to him for lessons and she was extremely pleased with his approach and saw immediate success. He helped her prepare for her shows and college auditions and she highly succeeded at both. She is currently studying vocal music education. I cannot recommend Brendan Highly enough. He is a consummate musician, educator and person who will make an indelible mark on the life of any student he teaches."

~Doug H., high school chorus teacher

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