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Voice Lessons

Who Are You?


Jacob S.

"Brendan’s attention to detail and easy-going methods have given me the strength and confidence to explore all aspects of my voice with ease."

-Jakob S., bass-baritone, voice teacher, voiceover artist

You're someone who has been singing all your life, but never once thought that voice lessons were something you had time for.

You're someone who loves to sing and wants to audition for music schools to take your passion to the next level.

You've studied for years and want a fresh start, a new way of approaching what you do.

You're classically trained and been told you could never belt, but now you want to try.

I can help you find your natural voice, reignite your love of singing, and bring out your own uniqueness into each performance.

Let's work together to increase your range and vocal longevity while finding what YOUR voice does best!

For more, I encourage you to read my own ideas about what voice lessons should be, and if you like what you see, please contact me so we can have a first conversation about who you are and where you want to go.

Kim P.

"It has been such a pleasure to work with Brendan over the past few months! His thoughtful approach to teaching encourages the discovery of one's true voice; is rooted in sound pedagogical practice, and is designed to support singers of all ages and musical backgrounds. Brendan's extensive knowledge and functional understanding of the vocal mechanism, as well as voice acoustics provide each singer with the tools necessary to successfully perform a variety of genres of music with an authentic sound. From classical to musical theatre, as well as contemporary commercial music, Brendan cultivates a supportive environment where singers feel comfortable taking risks - while in the process learning what truly works for them! As a choral music educator with a background in classical music, Brendan makes it easy to transition to singing in contemporary music styles while using proper vocal technique AND making it so much fun in the process!!"

-Kim P., high school chorus teacher


I focus my teaching on three aspects:


The studio space

  • The studio is a space where everyone feels comfortable and free to be who they truly are.

  • It is a space where mistakes are welcomed as opportunities to laugh and learn.

  • It is a space where questions are welcome…where, “I don’t know” is ok.

  • It is an environment where knowledge is shared; where I learn as much as my students do.

  • It is a space where new ideas and ways of thinking about singing, music, and art are welcome.


Student goals

  • I listen more than speak.

  • I help my students attain their goals.

  • I help students find their unique voice, whatever that voice may be.



  • I am here to help students fully realize their potential.

  • I challenge my students to do their best, knowing that one’s best can be different from week to week, day to day.

  • I give students the tools and the skills to tackle problems on their own.

Panther Performers Win Top Singing Awards

“It is a really big deal, and we are all so proud of their hard work and of their vocal instructor, Brendan Buckley,” says Program Coordinator for Music Education Harmony Markey.

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